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Hello, we are a Steve and Helena Trupp, a husband and wife team, living, working and loving our new home town Brisbane, Australia. Empirical Style was born from our shared love of unique interior design products sourced from around the world or designed with our bare hands when we couldn’t find something! If you love design, travel, creative expression and being ‘a bit different ‘ we know we would get along like a house on fire and that you’ll love our products as much as we do. Welcome to how we see the world.

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At Empirical Style we believe life is too short for dull decor and spaces that lack ambience and inspiration. Here are some of the interiors we have created.

Upcycle Vintage Bedroom Top Design Jamie Durie Steve Trupp

Kids Tree House Bedroom Top Design Steve Trupp

Modern Green Lounge Room Top Design Finale

Pea Green Bedroom Top Design Finale

I thought you lived in Sydney? Yes, we did! You may have seen our apartment in Kings Cross in many magazines and blogs. We moved here late 2010 to be closer to family and soak up the cultural wonderland that is Melbourne. We do however travel back to Sydney quite a lot.

Your Kings Cross apartment was so eclectic, what happened to it? If you haven’t seen photos have a look above. After we became pregnant with Odessa we realised the apartment just wasn’t child friendly! We rented it out as a boutique short-term rental which many local and international travellers enjoyed however now it is rented out full-time but still in it’s crazy decor!

Do I recognise Steve? Yes you might from Jamie Durie’s Top Design competition show. He came second place and loved the opportunity to design on someone else’s budget! Although the show didn’t bring fame and fortune it did give Steve confidence to move out of his social work career and into a full-time position at Empirical Style.

Is he really as crazy as he looks? Umm yes. A big man with an even bigger personality. You would really like him if you said hi on the street.

What does Empirical Style mean? Empirical means to be guided by experience and intuition instead of scientific fact. That’s how we approach design and how we live our lives too.

Who takes your photos? I (Helena) do. I was a photographer in a past life. Between Steve and I we have a incredible complimentary set of skills which helps the business thrive. We take the photos in our home with a Canon 50D and home studio lighting.

Who is the girl in your photos? That’s Bridget from online vintage store Victor and Louise. Our friend and business buddy.

What magazines do you read? We love European Architectural Digest. Even though we can’t read it, we LOVE the images. We also love Inside Out for it authenticity, World of Interiors for it’s inspiration and Real Living for its practical nature.

What made you start the business? When we couldn’t live in our Kings Cross apartment anymore we wanted to rent it out short-term and still keep it furnished in it’s eclectic style. Because we had the website we decided to put up a few products as well. The shop took off and the shopping cart online shop started mid-2011 and continues to grow literally daily.

So you like the US? Yay, USA! We love the United States and travel there often. So many awesome sites and stores there. And affordable vintage wares!

Will you get a physical shop? Maybe, maybe not. We are a family that loves to spend quality time and this business allows us to do that. It was a lifestyle decision. Although an online shop never closes- not on our holidays, not on christmas day or nap-time, we can still manage to get to your emails whether in our pjamas or not. We would LOVE a shop but not just yet- online is the future isn’t it? We loved the opportunity to have a pop-up shop in The Industrial Revolution, Armadale. Photos of it are below. You can read more about it or watch a little movie!