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*Asia and india huge east german map.

This is another gorgeous pull down school classroom map of all of ASIA including india , pakistan , china and the middle east . All in original condition....the map, as pictured is beautiful strong bright colours and great block lines. Its another one off classic...No major flaws to speak of as you can see in the photos. We have many different countries maps for sale on our website .....but once they are gone they are reproductions or copies....they are very difficult to obtain now.

The dimensions are a 'HUGE'  height of 1700 mms and width 2100 mms with wooden poles....

The map is by an east german map maker who made wonderful maps pre unification......its focus is the realistic geopgraphical coloured respresentation of northern europe.

Made in the mid 70's and i brilliant condition....a very rare map indeed.

You can view these and other maps and charts and all things vintage at our ripponlea showroom in melbourne.

Price: $495.00

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