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*Vintage Denoyer Geppert medical chart.

This is a beautiful amazing original pull down Denoyer Geppert medical chart of the bodys nervous system . All in original condition....the chart , as pictured is beautiful with amazing pale blue , red and brown colours and strong bold lines...

Vintage Denoyer-Geppert Anatomy Series KL The nervous system and its connected Systems. Editor - Otto F. Kampmeier Phd univ. of Illinois college of medicine. Artist-P.M. Lariviere. An outstanding graphically vivid depiction of the human circulatory system that plays more as work of art than other dry medical charts i've seen.

The colours just pop out from the beautiful aqua/blue background, bottom section is dedicated to naming of the parts of the body and its systems with numbers next to that part. The Chart is paper on a linen/canvas. This chart is in excellent condition with no damage or water staining on back.

The dimensions are a huge massive height of 2000 mms ( 2 metres) and width of 1050 mms with a rod at the top and a wooden pole at the base. It takes up a whole wall!

These charts were used in the 50's, 60's and beyond in american medical teaching hospitals and are very rare now!

this chart is part of a series of 3 we have at Empiricalstyle.

We have over 150 different countries maps and charts for sale on our website reproductions or copies....This chart is from the 1950's beautiful with and looks amazing on a lounge or in an industrial cafe! -  it has a lovely vintage look.

chart no 731.

Price: $350.00

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