Yay USA! Storage Wars. 

Posted on April 26, 2012

There is a current obsession in our house: Storage Wars! We came across this US TV seriesĀ on our last trip to America and it’s making great late night viewing for Steve when Odessa and I have gone to bed. The premise of the show is that storage units that are abandoned are auctioned off including their contents. The characters of this reality tv show are buyers looking to gets bargain and on-sell. The catch is that you get a few minutes to look through the door of a unit before going to auction- so you really don’t know what you might be getting! It’s like the ultimate treasure hunt for grown ups and collectors in the know. If you are like Steve and always have one of your eyes on the side of the road or in an opportunity shop for a bargain then you just might like this show! I think he secretly wants to grow up to be Barry ‘The Collector’ too! Have a look at this intro video.

Yay USA! Tornado and Gas Station Numbers. 

Posted on February 9, 2012

Last August we travelled over the sea’s to a land of opportunity- The United States of America. We love the U.S. and have been there quite a few times, this particular trip was to buy for the business. So many adventures of RV travel through the backwaters of southern states and by foot and pram through the bustling urban streets of New York city. So many tips and treasures to share with you- I have only just found the time! Many more posts to come of this trip and the quirky interesting corners of this incredible country we discovered…

Many people ask us where the gas station numbers come from. Steve just seems to have an eye for derelict or destructed buildings! On this particular trip we were in Chattanooga, Tennesee heading south to go to a night-time rodeo when we saw the amazing site of a tornado ravaged gas station. In awe and amazement, Steve was exploring what was left of the building and came across a pile of gas station numbers secured in a locker. Many of them can be found in our shop now!